Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Songs, Sharing and Scripture

I mentioned in a Facebook post that I was requesting prayer for a new adventure. Today, that adventure began!!

I'll start at the beginning....20 years ago this year, I moved to Columbia. I started going to Loyal Chapel FWB church. I met a family that had two young daughters. Flash forward to Grace, about 15-16 years later. One of those girls is grown and married and has her own young daughter, and she's one of my Grace Kids! She works at a local Assisted Living Center. Through our Grace Students Deeper Weekend, we worked together for our Students to do a day of service at the Sterling House.  Fast forward again and I was asked yesterday to do a devotional twice a month....starting today!!!!!

This is a little out of my comfort zone and I haven't led singing for a long time, but I anxiously accepted and today was awesome!!!

So for at least the next few months, I will be going to to Sterling House for a bi-monthly time of "Singing, Sharing and Scripture" with some of the sweetest Seniors in town!

Today, we had about 20 seniors and they loved singing and sharing. We sang about 5-6 of the sweet old hymns and shared a little about ourselves and then I spoke about the comfort in God's Word. It was a blessing to me and they expressed that they were blessed, as well.

Please pray for me as I continue in this ministry. I did not see this coming, but I'm excited about this new adventure!