Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Andrew - Happy 24th Birthday in Heaven

24 years ago today, a sweet boy with big green eyes came into the world. By all accounts, his first 4 years were cruel and inhuman. Then for 2 years, he was separated from his brother, who was more like a twin. At age 6, he came into my life. It was the first time in 2 years, that he was able to live with his brother. So many things had happened in his life, I wasn't sure he would ever see me as mom, that we would ever bond.....I was just happy to see him with Zachary. Their bond was undeniable....
God had such a big plan, more than I ever imagined.
2 years later, when I already knew in my heart that Andrew was another of the blessings that I had prayed for, we got a diagnosis....Muscular Dystrophy with several complications. Over the next 3 years, an indescribable bond developed, as my Drewby and I faced unbelievable things.....things no child or mom ever want to go through. But those things, that seemed so horrible, allowed God to make Drew my son, my very best friend, but most importantly I became his Mama. 
Andrew left this world on June 29, 2003. He was 11. It will be 13 years this year. Sometimes, I still can't believe he's gone...gone already for so long. Always, I thank God that I got to be his mom. Thankful, that although his 11 years on this earth, were painful, physically and mentally, almost every day, he is now in Heaven, rejoicing and pain free. Selfishly, I wish he was here, but I would never bring him back.....I just long to see him again some day. Thank God, I know I will.
I love all my boys, each is special in their own way, but Drew and I spent every moment together the last 6 months of his life. He never complained, he never questioned, he only assured me that he was going home. What a testimony!! 
What a precious gift from God. So irreplaceable to me, yet thrown away by others. 
He was - and is - an unexpected blessing. He taught me about the faith of a child. To trust, even when it is hard.
Happy Birthday in Heaven my sweet boy!! I'll see you again....I can't wait!!