Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 months already????

WOW 10 months ago today, I blogged my last blog! Where did the time go??? Not that nothing "blog worthy has happened just that somehow I lost my motivation to blog. I was thinking today that we were getting close to Nov and 30 days of thankful and realized that after last year's great start to blogging...well I just quit. So I am going to try again. I feel like I have lots of things to share - even if no one wants to listen :) Anyway, here is a small synopsis on my life over the last 10 months....
*I AM AN AUNT to a beautiful baby girl - Jules Mary Elizabeth. She was 10 months old yesterday. She is a wonderful beautiful strong little girl who has changed all of our lives. God has BIG plans for her!
*My son turned 18 - wow not only that he started his Senior year and has a job - Who knew that little Zachary would grow up so fast!
*My other son is almost 16 and wants to drive and have a job - he just started his sophomore year - how did my baby get so bog???
*I have lost 44.7 pounds since Feb 23 and a total of 164 since I began a weight loss journey in 2006
*God has recently shown me that he wants to use me in a new direction and I am waiting to see where that will take me (stay turned for details :) )
*God has been faithful and treated me better than I deserve
*I turned 44 this year - of all the age "milestones" among my family this year this seems insignificant, but I still think of myself as 28 so almost mid-40's seems a bit strange
*Fall is here - my favorite season....leading into my favorite Holidays. I look forward to a Photo shoot this weekend. Senior pics for Zachary and family pics for the boys.

Anyway there it is in a nutshell...hope to share more frequent "windows into my world" in the future.

Thanks for reading....or not...either way I have some thoughts that I need to share:)

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