Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Will Shania find her voice again? Why not??

Shania Twain recently had a reality show. She has been through some personal issues (her husband left her for her best friend) and she never really dealt with the death of her parents when she was a child. Due to all of this she recently has stopped singing and has felt a strain on her voice. She went on a cross country journey to try and once again "find her voice". Now I am definately not Shania Twain, but have felt a bit of a kindred spirit to her for several reasons. Over the last several years, I have somewhat lost my voice. I sang for years in church and for other gatherings, but recently I have felt like I lost my voice. Singing has always been my refuge, I still sang in the car, with the kids, occassionally at my mom and dad's church, but something was just not the same. I know that I have not used it and lost some of it. But lately I have felt that God was urging me to start singing again. Now I don't know what that means but tonight was Song/Writer's night for our Student Ministries. For the last several (we have them every 3-4 months) I have felt that God was telling me to sing. I have prepared several times, but just couldn't do it. Even this time, it seemed that even though I said I would sing, I was trying to find a way out. I prayed this afternoon and asked God to let me find my voice. When I listened to myself as I practiced, it just sounded so strained and forced and I could hear Satan whisper - you will never be able to do it again.....Right up until the moment that they called my name, I felt like I couldnt do it. But I knew that no matter what happened, I HAD to do it.....Back to Shania, she saw doctors and therapists and new age gerus and then Lionel Richie asked her to sing a duet on a remake of "Endless Love". She was nervous and scared and after several attempts felt like she couldnt't do it. She just sang and when the time came, she BELTED it out and sounded just as good as she always did. As I watched it I cried, joy for her and hope for me....She had regained her confidence, even if just for that one moment, That gave her the confidence to try again and continue trying. Well tonight, I had my version of the "Lionel Richie Momemt" I was so scared and while it may not have been my best performance, I DID IT! I sang, there were technical difficulties and my voice was shaky, but I did it! I hope that God was honored and I hope that I can do it again. So will Shania - find her voice again? I hope so and I hope that Jodi has too.

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