Friday, November 19, 2010

God is BIGGER . . .

Today I am thankful that "God IS bigger than the Boogieman. He's bigger than Godzilla or the monsters on TV. God is bigger than the Boogieman and he's watching out for you and me!!"

While I am a huge Veggietales fan, this is not just a shout out to them...I am really just thankful that God is Bigger. I, like Junior Asparagus, have been afraid to go to sleep in case the "monsters" in the closet got out. Now I don't really think that there are monsters in my closet - well most of the time :) but there are monsters as big as Godzilla and as scary as the Boogieman in my everyday life. Today, a very dear friend is having back surgery, please keep her in your prayers. I also have some dear friends that are having to handle a serious personal matter today that has caused them great stress. I have friends facing job issues, including the issue of not having a job at all. Those with health issues, marital problems, children issues, financial struggles, spiritual battles, heartache and sometimes just loneliness. God IS BIGGER than ALL of this. It might not go away, it might still be difficult to face, but God is BIGGER. He really is watching out for you and me . . . we just have to trust him.


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  1. Ok so the link didn't really link, but I meant well :)