Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mr. Dave

Today I am thankful for Mr. Dave.

I met Dave when I met Jeff. He was shy, quiet and funny. He met Debbie at my wedding. Just a few short months later, we were in their wedding.
Dave has been a constant in my life. He is the boys godfather and has taken his role in their life very seriously. He has been a friend and like a brother to me. When Jeff and I separated in 2008, I was a mess. The day that he moved out Debbie and Dave came from Kentucky and stayed with me. Dave talked to me that day and spoke words of hope into my life. He told me that I was still worthwhile and that I had a lot of life left to live and that I was going to be OK. He may never know what his words of encouragement meant to me that day. Every time that they came to visit, Dave would be sure to bring his tools and asked Debbie to have me make a "honey do" list . . .believe me there was lots to do!

Dave has been unemployed for over a year. Recently he and Debbie moved back to TN and are staying with me and the boys. He has really stepped-up on the "honey do" jobs and I can't thank him enough! I would ask that you pray for Dave and Debbie that Dave would find a job. I know that he is going stir crazy!!! (although I have enough things around that house to employ him full time for repairs and such - if only I could afford to pay him!!)

Several times over the past month, I have come home and Dave and the boys were outside tossing the football or just hanging out, this has been so good for them! Debbie and Dave have been married 15 years and I am so thankful that Debbie found someone deserving of her love!

So today I am thankful for Mr Dave, the boys godfather, Debbie's husband and my friend . . .

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