Thursday, November 4, 2010

Laughter and Good Friends

Today was a tough day. At points, I felt that I would just break down and cry. THEN God seemed to smooth things out and I began to prepare for a Girl's Night Out.

Several woman from church went to see Chonda Pierce (a christian comedian) in Nashville.

First let me say - THANK YOU DEBBIE - my very best friend for sacrificing and staying with my boys - I love you and appreciate you more than you will ever know!!

We went to eat in Nashville and then experienced a LAUGH FEST that I truly needed. Chonda was hilarious - she shared her heart - the good and the bad and made us laugh. I needed this so much!

It was great to just get away - even for a few short hours - to just laugh!

God is so good - he told us in Proverbs - "Laughter does good, like a medicine" . . . He was so right!

So I am thankful twice today - for tatertot casserole (and Rachel) and for laughter!!!

A special shout out to my peeps (Jeannie, Tonya, Ber, Melanie, Vanessa and Maegan) I love you ALL and it was a blast to be with you tonight!

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