Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kind words from sweet friends . .

Today (actually yesterday) I was thankful for kind words from sweet friends.

Recently, I made the decision to abandon my previous claim that I would "always color my hair"and that you would "pry the color bottle from my cold dead hand". I am embracing the "natural highlights" that God has given me. I have struggled with it. I don't really consider myself vain, but I do care about the way I look. I am overwieght - although I have been on a weight loss journey that some of my more recent friends may not even know about. I have lost about 120 pounds over the last several years and although, I still have a LONG WAY to go, I am closer now then when I started!! That being said, I still like nice clothes and always (not always successfully) try to dress the best I can. Anyway, my NON GRAY hair always helped me feel like I still had something young and somewhat hip going for me. I am recently divorced with teenage kids and well let's face it, I am not feeling all that attractive so much anymore. This is not a pity party, I truly believe that God has made me beautiful in my own way and where I lack on the outside, I have always hoped to make up for on the inside.

I said all that to say that Friday, I took a pic of my "new hair" (fresh cut thanks to Amanda at Envy and for a good cause too)Without really meaning to I uploaded it on to my facebook page for all the world to see. My email became bombarded by "so and so commmented on your photo" Huh? what photo?? I then realized that is was the one I had just taken. There were so many sweet comments about my hair and some comments about how good I looked and even some private messages about the weight I have lost - I have to say I was kinda blown away. I really needed to hear those things on that particular day. God used my friends to make me feel good about myself and it meant a lot!!! Even Friday night at the Dinner Theater several people made sweet comments and I am truly thankful. It also made me realize how good it feels to hear compliments and I decided that I am going to always tell others when they look especially nice or get a new hairdo - you never know when they are in need of some kinds words to get them through the day too!

So Today, I am thankkful for kind words from sweet friends.

I included a pic from just before I started my weight loss journey and one from my birthday this year - I hope you can see a difference :)

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  1. Just gotta say yes we can see a difference in the two pictures you posted! You have always been a very beautiful person both inside and out, the weight loss has simply helped you be able to step out a bit more and for that I am glad. The hard work you have put into that weightloss is truly inspiring. Love you Jodi :)