Monday, November 22, 2010

A still small voice.

Today I am thankful that although God can and does speak to us in mighty ways, he sometimes chooses to speak in a still small voice.

My Sunday school lessons this month have been on Elijah. This is one of my favorite stories in the bible. Elijah experiences extraordinary miracles one after another. He seems to be flying high. Then, just like happens to me sometimes, one person issues a threat and he goes running into hiding, throws a pity party and feels completely defeated. He tells God that he is "the only one" who worships him and "now they want to kill me" No from the outside, we probably think, how could he not trust God?!?!?! Ya know after the whole, manna delivered by the ravens, water from the brook Cherith, oil in the cruse, meal in the pot - every single time, fire called down from heaven, burned all the wood, licked up the water kinda miracles that Elijah had seen. But I think that just like we sometimes have EXTREME mountain top experiences, we also get tired. No doubt Elijah was tired. Then just when the enemy knew he could strike, he did. Jezebel issued a threat and Elijah fell apart. Just like we sometimes get tired, the enemy strikes and we seem to forget all that God has already done!!! Well Elijah ran into the mountains, curled up under a tree and just decided to feel sorry for himself. God sent an angel to bring him some food and told him to get some sleep. Sometimes a good meal and some rest can get you thinking straight again. Then he told him to start walking. Eventually, Elijah came to a stop and was told to listen - the Lord is gonna speak. First there was a mighty wind that ripped through the mountain - but no word from God. Then there was an earthquake that shook everything - still no word from God. Then an incredible fire burning furiously - nothing from God. Then in the stillness came a whisper. A gentle word from a loving God - "Elijah - what are you doing?" Elijah answered, "I am the only one who worships you and now they are trying to kill me!!!!" But then God gently spoke, without condemning him or reminding him how many miracles he had already seen. He said, "Elijah - I have 7000 who have not worshiped Baal - go back and everything will be OK - I have everything under control" Now granted this is my own paraphrase but I feel like after all the BIG EVENTS, Elijah just needed a gentle reminder, that held no condemnation. he needed "I love you and you are my child - everything will be OK" Elijah obviously had faith and believed that God was mighty, powerful and perfectly capable. He was just having a bad day, when all perspective was lost and all the things that he had prayerfully and successfully managed to entrust to God - came crashing in.

We have ALL been there - well maybe not all but I know I have. God is still God. He is still able and willing. It is our view of the situation that becomes skewed.

Today I am thankful for that still small voice. The one that speaks in the hospital waiting room. That whispers in the lonely darkness of night. The quiet reminder . . .Hey I love you, you are my child and I've got this!
God can come in the wind, the earthquake, the fire or any other way that he chooses and I am glad that he does, but today I am so very thankful that he sometimes chooses to come in a still small loving voice.

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